I’m Tna (just the suffix of my real name XD ).

There are two fandoms i got into in 2013 : the first is Spirou and the second is Megaman.

I just can't stop drawing about them. I’m still a beginner in drawing but i hope you will like it.

Have a nice exploration ! ;D


Dupuis VS Capcom !!!… or is it ?

Now now… I’ve finally posted my 100th Deviantart pic. Once again I mixed my two lovely fandoms : Spirou/Megaman !

I’ve been missing drawing Spirou characters… Hey ! Why not describing them? XD

Spirou : how to portray him?… Honnest, courageous and responsible, He has a strong sense of justice… and… still wearing the Belgian flag colors. At the start he was a bellboy, and then he became an investigative reporter (ah… the Belgian comic fashion XD ). He’s definitely the adventurer type but sometimes he’s too reckless.

Fantasio : Now that’s a journalist, a real one!… with paparazzi tendencies sometimes. If something humorously bad happens, he wil always be the main victim. But he’s stronger than we think and he’s very protective towards Spirou. That’s not his best friend for nothing. I love his sense of humor (very cynical most of the times). He is aptly named. XD

count of Champignac : “old, castle-dwelling aristocrat, genius of a scientist.” (dear Wikipedia…). He loves experiments and sometimes it can have bad consequences. His main passion though is studying mushrooms but he can also make great inventions.

Spip : Spirou’s domesticated squirrel. He can’t talk but he has a conscience and is as intelligent as a human (if not more). Sadly, only us, readers, can understand him.

And here’s the turbotraction. Personally… I think it can go faster than Quickman. »

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